We are glad to present you our Test Server Season 19!

For Registration click here

Download link click here

or use our website's "Download" section.

Beta Test period will be run for a maximum 30-40 days, meanwhile, we will prepare data transfer from Season 18 and will upgrade to Season 19.

Report any bug if it exists on our "Discord" channel.

Enjoy your Beta testing.

[MOD] Shield Drop edit all maps.

[ADD] Talisman of Chaos Assembly to all mobs over level 160.

Season 18
Changes 17.01.2024
[ADD] Shining Tail's Seal to xShop
[ADD] Exc Rings and Pendant +4 Opt to xShop
[ADD] Special Rings and Necklace +3 Socket to xShop
Launcher update is required!

Season 18 Changes 11.01.2024

[ADD] Horn of Fenrir, Blue, Black and Golden to Xshop in Wcoin Section
[ADD] Brown Panda Ring xShop
[ADD] Pink Panda Ring xShop
[ADD] Ghost Horses xShop
[ADD] Ice Dragon xShop
[ADD] Lion xShop
[MOD] Reduce Fenrir Prices xShop
[ADD] Pentagrams xShop
[ADD] Errtel +10 xShop
Launcher update required!

Ruud Box 500,1500,3000 added to James Ruud Shop
Easy way to trade ruuds between players in game.

Regards! Twilight Team. 

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Server Info
VersionSeason 18, 19
Master Experience250x
Total Accounts380
Total Characters772
Total Guilds9
Online Users24
Server Status

Castle Siege


Registration period for Mark of Lord

Castle Siege Battle

2 days 14 hours

Top Level
Character Class Level
MishoKingMystic Knight1.528
NewMishoLuminous Wizard1.520
RexorDragon Knight1.520
mishoDragon Knight1.515

Top Resets
Character Class Resets
GojiraDragon Knight2.700
MaximusEmpire Lord2.681
MrNobodyDragon Knight2.508
GaladrielNoble Elf2.132
ChosenOneMagic Knight2.003

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